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Watch and Act - Myall Creek Road fire (Richmond Valley LGA)

Posted:14/11/2019 09:14

A bush fire is burning near Bungawalbin, New Italy and The Gap. The fire is more than 4,520 hectares and is out of control.

Current Situation

The fire in burning in the area of Williams Road, Bungawalbin-Whipore Road and Whites Lane.
The southerly winds will continue to push the fire north towards the Bungawalbin, Woodburn and Swan Bay areas.
Fire activity is expected to ease overnight with more favourable forecast conditions.
The Pacific Highway is open, but visibility may be reduced due to smoke.


If you are in the area of Williams Road, Bungawalbin-Whipore Road and Whites Road and Boggy Creek Road, Eucalyptus Drive and Swan Bay and New Italy Road, monitor conditions.
Watch out for burning embers which may start spot fires ahead of the main fire front.
Know what you will do if the fire approaches.

What you need to do

If you are threatened by fire, you may not get assistance.
If you are in these areas and your plan is to leave, or your property is not prepared, leave towards a safer location.
Safer locations include built up areas, well away from bushland.
If you are unable to leave, identify a safer location which may be nearby. This may include a cleared area well away from bushland, or an identified Neighbourhood Safer Place
Avoid bushland areas.

If you are threatened by fire

Do not be in the path of the fire.
Protect yourself from the heat of the fire. Wear protective clothing and footwear. Cover all exposed skin.
If the fire impacts, seek shelter in a solid structure to protect yourself from the heat of the fire.
If your life is at risk, call Triple Zero.

Other Information

For a list of evacuation centres visit
People are encouraged to register online at Register Find Reunite before attending evacuation centres.
For a list of school closures visit
Stay up to date on bush fires in your area by checking the NSW RFS website, listening to your local radio station, or by calling the NSW RFS Bush Fire Information Line on 1800 679 737.
For information on road closures, check Roads may be closed without warning.

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