Source: SA Country Fire Service

Message ID: 0005259
Time Message Issued: 16:47
Date Message Issued: 11/01/2021


Issued for Woolumbool, Lochaber, Naracoorte, Cadgee, Kybybolite, Hynam, Mount Light and Moyhall in the Lower South East of South Australia

Take action now as this bushfire may threaten your safety. If you are not prepared, leave now and if the path is clear, go to a safer place. Do not enter this area as conditions are dangerous.

The Blackford, Mail Bridge Road fire is uncontrolled. This grass fire is burning in a Easterly direction towards Woolumbool, Lochaber, Naracoorte, Cadgee, Kybybolite, Hynam, Mount Light and Moyhall. Conditions are continually changing.

Shapes on this map image indicate the Warning Area to which this message applies.
YELLOW: Advice Message; ORANGE: Watch and Act Message; RED: Emergency Warning

For updates listen to your local ABC radio station on a battery powered radio, visit the CFS website or phone the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361.

This message will be updated as the situation changes or before: 11/01/2021 18:40

Homes that have been built to withstand a bushfire, and are prepared to the highest level, may provide safety.

You may lose power, water, phone and data connections.

Fire crews are responding but you should not expect a firefighter at your door.

Check and follow your Bushfire Survival Plan.
Protect yourself from the fire's heat, put on protective clothing.
Tell family and friends of your plans.


Leave now, don't delay.
Roads may become blocked or access may change. Smoke will reduce visibility.
Secure your pets for travel.
If you become stuck in your car, park away from bushes, cover yourself, get onto the floor as the windows may break from the intense heat.


Identify a spot to shelter in, with more than one exit, keep moving away from the heat of the fire.
Bring pets inside and restrain them.
Move flammable materials such as doormats, wheelie bins and outdoor furniture away from your house.
Close doors and windows to keep smoke out.
If you have sprinklers, turn them on to wet the areas.
If your building catches fire go to an area already burnt. Check around you for anything burning.


CFS website :
Bushfire Information Hotline 1800 362 361
For hearing or speech impaired users, phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 1800 362 361
For teletype service TTY 133 677
CFS on Facebook or Twitter
On local ABC radio, FIVEaa, or one of our other Emergency Broadcast Partners.

Do not rely on a single source for warning information.
For emergencies call Triple Zero (000)

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