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View 360 Project - Fraser Island

In May 2015, the Field Ops team from EWN (The Early Warning Network) travelled to one of Australia's most popular and beautiful locations, Queensland's Fraser Island. Using our View360 equipment we captured this magnificent island from a different angle. Our View360 camera enables the viewer to enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of the island from ground level.

Hook Point

After driving off the Manta Ray Barge at Hook Point the team drove via 75 Mile Beach Road (on the beach) around the southern end of the island heading east. Then around the south eastern tip and headed north along the beach. The section shown comprises approximately 7 to 8 km?s of driving footage.

Weather: Fine
Tide: Low
Time: 9am

Champagne Pools

This scenic and popular location was filmed on foot using our backpack gear. The footage runs from the northern car park, down to the walkway and around to the southern car park. Then back to the stairs and down to the pools themselves at beach level.

Weather: Fine and very windy
Tide: 2.5 hours after low
Time: 1pm

Eli Creek

Eli Creek is another very popular spot for tourists to visit.

Again this footage was captured on foot using our backpack gear to mount the camera. Captured from beach along the elevated wooden walkway to the stairs that lead into the creek for swimmers. Then back along the walkway and up the stairs to the right (south) and up to the elevated lookout where there are public bathrooms.

Weather: Cloudy and windy
Tide: N/A
Time: 11am

Eli Creek Map

Eurong to Lake Mackenzie

This drive was from the beach at Eurong, through the village and to Lake Mackenzie via the inland track in a westerly direction distance covered approximately 15km's. A very picturesque journey through the rainforest on the predominantly sandy track.

Weather: Fine
Tide: N/A
Time: 10am

Happy Valley to Maheno Ship Wreck

Travelled north along 75 Mile Beach Road from just south of the Happy Valley Township to the popular landmark of the Maheno Wreck on the beach, distance covered approximately 10kms

Weather: Fine
Tide: 2 hours past the low tide
Time: 10.30am

Indian Head Bypass

This section covers the soft sandy track that joins the 2 beaches on the east coast, taking you around Indian Head. From there, along the beach and ending at Middle Rocks. The sand at Indian Head is fine and soft but posed no problems. Once the driver negotiates the beach exit, there are slatted wooden areas to prevent getting bogged. Distance covered approx. 8kms

Weather: Fine
Tide: Low
Time: 9.00am

Indian Head Map

Inskip Point Barge

Travelling south from the southern tip of the island back to Inskip Point on the mainland. The complete barge journey is captured from the drive on through to the drive off and the 200m back to the semi sealed road.

Weather: Overcast
Tide: 1 or 2 hours before high
Time: 4pm

Inskip Barge Map

Lake Wabby Lookout

Walking from the Lake Wabby lookout carpark, through the bush to the lookout approximately 800m away.

Capturing Lake Wabby and the Hammerstone Sand Blow from high above, with views to the eastern coast.

Weather: Overcast and windy
Tide: N/A
Time 4.30pm

Middle Rocks to Dundubara

Starting at the Champagne Pools carpark and driving back to 75 Mile Beach Rd. Travelling south to Middle Rocks then exiting the beach via Indian Head Bypass and re-entering 75 Mile Beach Rd south of Indian Head. Driving south along 75 Mile Beach to Dundubara. Journey approx. 25kms

Weather: Fine
Tide: Mid ? Rising
Time: 3pm

eli creek map

The Pinnacles

Small section of footage of the Pinnacles Rocks. Just north of the Maheno Wreck. Captured on foot.

Beautifully coloured rock formations.
Weather: Overcast
Tide: N/A
Time: 11am

Pinnacles Map

The Pinnacles to Maheno Ship Wreck

Heading south on 75 Mile Beach Road from the Pinnacles Rocks to the Maheno Wreck, distance apprpx 5kms.

Weather: Cloudy
Tide: Mid
Time: 9.30am

Pinnacles Map

Waddy Point to Middle Rocks

Footage covers the inland sand track starting from Orchid Beach and ending at the Champagne Pools carpark, distance approx 5kms.

Weather: Fine
Tide: Low
Time: 12pm

Waddy Map

Cathedral's on Fraser

The journey captured here begins on Cathedral Beach and travels up into the "Cathedral's on Fraser" camp grounds. Travelling in, we drive up over and past the dingo proofed grids and fencing up to the fuel station / check in area. Then we travel back out and on to the beach. For the duration of this project, The EWN team stayed at "Cathedral's on Fraser" in one of their cabins and found the accommodation and the staff just fantastic.

Kingfisher Bay towards Lake McKenzie

This journey begins on the western side of the island near Kingfisher Bay. From here we leave the rare bitumen paved road and travel south easterly towards Lake Mackenzie on the centre of the island. The journey shows some of the more challenging inland tracks.
The distance covered is approximately 15 km?s
Time 4pm.

Kingfisher Bay to Lake Mac Map

Ngkala Rocks

This journey was from the Orchid Beach north of Indian Head along 75 Mile Beach to Ngkala Rocks. On this day Ngkala Rocks was difficult to pass, so our trip terminated here. Distance covered here is approximately 12km's.

Weather: Fine
Tide: Low
Time: 10am


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