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Do you need to protect your PEOPLE, PLANT or INFRASTRUCTURE from Severe Weather such as thunderstorms, hail, heavy rain or damaging winds? What about Natural Hazards such as bushfires? Register your location and your contact details in our system and we will alert you via SMS and Email, Facebook and Twitter.

How does it work?
As soon as you register your address, we plot your location on the map within our system. When we create alerts for any event, we draw polygons on our system map ahead of the incident, which may be a severe storm or fire - if one of these polygons intersects with your address, YOU get the alert!

The great benefit of this UNIQUE system is that we monitor the weather and all other hazards around Australia 24/7, 365 days a year. If something is going to impact YOU or YOUR PROPERTY, we will let you know. You can also rest assured that you won't be receiving too many alerts, because we filter out the alerts you don't need to know about - so if you get an alert from EWN, you know you have to ACT!

Registration and ongoing management
Once you have registered your personnel, we will keep their details up to date for you. All you need to do is advise us by email (include a spreadsheet if you have many) of any additions, deletions or changes and we will update your records in the system.

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EWN All Alerts

All Alerts is a subscription service which allows you to receive every EWN alert sent to a region, state or the whole country, rather than standard single location-based alerts. Regions are based on the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) forecast districts.

EWN All Alerts are delivered via SMS and email and include warnings issued by the BoM and state fire authorities - but filtered by our alert managers. Please refer to the Weather Warning Alerting FAQ for details. Duplicate warnings are not issued so you will not be inundated with text messages.

Severe Weather and Incident Manager

Severe Weather and Incident Manager (SWIM) is an online application and solution developed for business operations who wish to register and manage multiple locations. This allows a business to add/edit locations, manage which staff get alerts and how, and monitor alerts received.

We can set up a free trial period so you can see the benefits for yourself.

This is an essential tool for business with distributed operations exposed to weather.

Significant Weather Threat Maps

Along with the national threat map produced daily by EWN, we can supply detailed outlooks for days 2 to 7 to suit your needs. These can be for a whole state, a region or a specific location such as mining operation.

Customised Alerting and Detailed Forecasts

Rainfall probabilities, severe weather forecasting, wind strength alerts and custom forecasts

EWN can provide location based alert services to assist with critical planning decisions for businesses and professionals. Delivered by email, SMS or fax they include rainfall probabilities, severe weather forecasting, wind strength alerts and custom forecasts. These are ideal for construction, resources, energy, government and the business sector.

Forecasts are issued by qualified meteorologists in a tailored format and time frequency to suit your needs. For example:

Winds are likely to swing towards the northeast in the coming hours and strengthen thanks to a complex low pressure trough which will result in moderate to heavy rainfall across the Sydney-Illawarra-Hunter region today. Forecast model guidance for today is highly varied - and as such this forecast has a higher degree of uncertainty but observation stations further north of Port Kembla are all showing significantly increased wind speeds during the last few hours as the winds have swung towards the northeast and this trend is expected to continue southwards this morning and persist today. However should this fail to reach the area winds may be much lighter than forecast.

Day 1        Chance of wind         Frequency of wind     Max wind gust 
                                    gust >40km/h          gusts >40km/h

0900 - 1500        65%                    Low-mod           45km/h
1500 - 2100        70%                    Low-mod           46km/h 
2100 - 0300        60%                    Low-mod           44km/h
0300 - 0900         5%                    N/A               37km/h


Services for the Insurance Industry

Alert Services are provided to the customers of insurance companies either as a white label, branded or sponsored product. Readiness and Embargo Services will allow your managers to be ready.

EWN Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

The EWN service is proven to help protect life and property. Alerts are provided to members free of charge but with an exponentially growing database the ongoing support of companies is essential. White label, branded or sponsored product is available.

Technology Licensing and Software Development

EWN has developed specialized technologies and skills to deliver the capability it provides today. Should you wish to license this capability, require customization or development services, please feel free to call Kerry Plowright on 02 6674 2711 to find out more.

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