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Readiness and Embargo Services

Any insurance company that knows about this is using it. After a free trial you will know why – no obligation. The All Alerts product is a feed of all EWN warnings direct from our alert managers for any region or regions you choose. Duplicate warnings are not issued so you will not be inundated with text messages. Your managers will know where to look, when to look and how to be prepared.

But let's go a little further. We know we can save you money; we already do this for others. We accurately warn for locations under threat from severe weather and other hazards. We now provide that information in a way that you can readily use. Whether its lat/long or by postcode, council area, suburb, forecast region, state or federal districts; we can provide you the information the way you need it and can act upon. For example, this can be fed to you from a single alert in almost any fashion:

geographic areas table

We can set it all up for you at no cost today and you get the first month as a free trial without obligation.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and arrange an immediate trial.

Customer Alerts

This is pretty simple, critical warnings helping to protect and save lives sent to your customers with your brand on them. They will on average see these twice per month. Customer satisfaction close to one hundred present – ask us for the details!

Mobile Alerts

STICKY!! With at least two alerts per month, this smart application never gets forgotten. Provided on both the Android and iPhone platforms this warns people based on their physical location, plus much more. The platform can directly link into your database and allow customers to communicate directly with you and interface with your current platforms. If you want your brand to stick to a phone, it has to have customer utility. What we do really works, and we have several years of history to prove it. We help you protect your customers and their property. People really appreciate that!

NOTE: EWN provides 24x7 support for all these services

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