Automated Alerts - How It Works

In addition to EWN's severe weather alerts, EWN has developed a series of automated alert systems for fire and other emergencies. Anyone registered for EWN severe weather alerts can also select to receive these as well. Members simply login, click on 'Join Groups' and then select which alerts they wish to receive and how. Members can go back at any time and change these settings.

If you are already receiving these alerts and wish to provide some feedback, please visit this page.

The system is designed to automatically send alerts to those who live close to where any fire or emergency starts. The system geo-locates the incident or fire and sends an SMS and email notification to all those registered to the system within 5km (we may vary the distance as we get feedback).

Anyone with family or who live near an incident would know about a fire before it became a catastrophic event. People will know the moment a fire started and can keep an eye on it, preparing well in advance. Likewise if people see smoke on the horizon or nearby they won't want be hassling emergency numbers or operators.

The alerts are created in real time as the CFA, RFS or selected authority issues them.

As per the example below, the EWN system automatically geo-locates an incident and creates an alert area surrounding the location. It then sends alerts to all those registered within the area based on how they have requested to be informed.

We offer automated alerts for: