Elders Insurance Successfully Implement the EWN System

Elders Insurance is leading the insurance industry with its latest initiative to protect customers from what appears to be an increasingly extreme weather cycle. The company has recently and very successfully implemented an early warning system within their business. Elders are providing a tailored severe weather and emergency alert service to their customers which is the first of its kind in the world. The new service is being provided via the Elders Weather Alerts free of charge. Large numbers of Elders customers and staff across Australia have already joined and are experiencing the benefits of receiving early warning for severe weather events including specific warnings to graziers and other farmers. The warnings are sent via SMS, email, pager and the web.

The new is service is provided by the Early Warning Network (EWN), the worlds only location based early warning system for severe weather events. EWN has been in continuous operation since 2007 with the system and service demonstrating almost daily its ability to help protect life and property.

Instead of watching their customers being pummelled by extreme events, Elders Insurance has recognized the opportunity to help further protect their customers by reducing risk through early warning. This initiative of Elders Insurance and their genuine desire to deliver a positive benefit to their customers already has customers coming back to say how great the service is. We know that as members experience the service over a period of time that appreciation for its benefits just grows and grows.

"We virtually never get complaints; the last one was from a guy who didn't receive a tsunami alert. The reason he didn't get the alert was because he was nowhere near the alert area. We have tens of thousands of members, in the entire period of operation only five have ever unregistered. We have never advertised, but word of mouth is clearly accelerating the rate at which people sign up to the service. "

EWN membership growth is set to hit one hundred thousand not long after Christmas with a pronounced 'J curve' already established. This will only increase further as organizations like the Townsville City Council join the system and the automated CFA/RFS and police alerts roll out.

"I think the Elders partnership is exciting because risk management is their core business. The business of mitigating the risk of severe weather is a key objective for both of us. Elders customers are already applauding this initiative and in addition to the improved welfare of customers I think we will quickly see as more join, the benefits flow into the bottom line with relatively reduced claims activity. A reduction in claims means people are safer, a great outcome for everyone."

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