April 2009 Survey Results

EWN's survey of members was conducted in April. Several thousand members were surveyed. The response was significant with 98% saying they felt the service made them safer and 73% saying it had helped protect them from property damage. When asked what they did when they received an alert from EWN, 92% said they told others, 95% of them took some sort of action including cleaning up and moving cars and 83% subsequently monitored BOM radar while others tuned into radio and TV.

Nearly all of those surveyed also provided additional information (Over a thousand of these) which helps provide an insight into how the public respond to our alerts. From these responses we know nearly all our members park cars under cover, modify movements, prepare property, turn off appliances, tell friends and continue to monitor the situation. Saving vehicles from hail damage is a common event.

The following is a list of some of comments re received which describe what people do when they receive an alert and their experiences. If you are wondering does this service protect property – the jury is in and please NOTE, it is just a handful of the responses; according to this we have saved millions of dollars of losses in just cars alone. (For privacy reason, names and any private information has been removed.)

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" Our area is prone to hail storms. I am a winemaker; grape grower; knowing about storms in the district is important! "

" We received an alert that a severe thunderstorm was coming. We were on a family picnic & even though the weather was fine at the time everybody packed up and went to their homes. No more than 10 minutes after the last people arrived safe at their home the storm hit with damaging hail. Thanks to the warning all cars were safely garaged with no damage. "

" Saved my car from hail damage. "

" Hail damage to the car has been avoided on a few occasions due to early warnings. "

" Was out fishing got my wife got a warning on here phone and rang me, as we got bac to the ramp it blew up big time, I have no doubt the system saved us from a severe battering and maybe even loss of the boat "

" Two cars were put under cover following an alert. The hail was huge and both cars would surely have been a write off. It has also given me time to put heavy rugs on my horses to protect them from hail many times. Insurance can't protect my beloved animals so this type of warning is priceless for me "

" Arrange children making sure thay are safe and secure. "

" As I do not often watch the evening weather report or listen to the radio, I am often unaware of weather forcasts, hence knowing that I will receive a warning if there is an extreme circumstances is very reassuring - thank you for providing my family and I with peace of mind!!! "

" When shopping in a large shopping centre had been there for quite a while no idea of what was going on outside got warning sms and went out and got car home under cover before hail hit. "

" We move about 120 new and used cars from hail damage to a safe location from our dealership "

" Move irrigation pump for flood warnings. Keep young horses in stable complex instead of paddock where they may run through fences. "

" I live in a flood zone and early warning has enabled me to make sure everything is out of flood height. "

" We are farmers and it can help us alot for machinery protection etc. "

" Being a CFA Volunteers, I have found it useful so I know when major storm events are about to hit. "

" i used to be subscribed to weatherzone silver which costs but i would use up all my credit getting warnings for areas that weren’t near me. Your warnings are more accurate for me. "

" it enables me to evaluate when to travel eg can i wait the storm out or go. on busy roads and motorways. It has also provided me with an opportunity to take action to prevent my car and my girlfriends car getting hail damage. "

" I would of had my car damaged by hail if I hadn't received the warning via SMS or Email. Note – this is one example of many ‘hail saves’ "

" i can prepare things when i have warning move tables and chairs and other things that may cause damage "

" It has given us time to get home, put the car under cover, get the dogs inside & unplug electrical equipment. "

" Made sure outdoor furniture was secured "

" I live on a flood plain and when we get warning for a lot of rain I move all my chickens so they don't drown and other livestock to safer areas "

" During the Black Saturday fires, I was kept up to date via EWN. When Victoria Police (alledgedly) sent a text message to ALL Victorians, thousands of people did not receive the message, including myself, but the EWN alert did get through to me. This proves EWN is more effective than Victoria Police simply asking some of the phone companies to send a bulk text message. "

" In heavy rain, the house I rented and indeed the one I'm in now, become islands with running water covering the entire property's, the strength in the flowing water carted away a heavy, full, wheelie bin. So getting fore-warning allowes me to secure outside articles.I live next to a council open drain that is completely inadequate in clearing rain water.Houses at the bottom of the street have water literally through their rooms.This house, the laundry and the toilet has a 10" depth of water in them. Council have done nothing to correct this problem. It's a great service, and as I go to Townsville every week, keeping up with the weather and bridge closures etc is vital for me. "

" Check preparedness for emergency. eg fuel for car/jerry cans, emergency rations & water, spare batteries & radio, tarp,clothes stowed in dry place. Note : this action involves checking the above items which are all ready stored for emergency. "

" We make sure that our property is secure,door and windows closed,vehicles under cover and secure all loose objects that could be blown around etc. "

" I am a management Committee member of our local Community Support Centre, We have new building but it is located in a street that gets localised flooding. So when I receive an EWN alaert I forward it to our Centres manager who arranges staff to move their vehicle to higher ground & make preparations in case we need to close the centre due to OH & S issues for staff, Volunteers & Clients "

" our dog is terrified of storms and it is always our first priority when we receive the warning to get home and get her inside and where she will fell safe, get home as quick as possible to prevent the dog damaging herself or property. I absolutely love the service !!!!! "

" I think its great because when i am at work i have time to phone my wife at home & give her warning as she hardly gets on the net to see the warning but i get it on my mobile as well, so keep up the excellent work It gives me piece of mind knowing ewn is sitting in the background ready to notify me .Thank you "

" I was living in Victoria during the 2009 bushfires and a major fire was within an hour of reaching my township of over 2000 people when the wind changed. I wasn't aware of the situation until watching the evening news. It's times like this when your service would be invaluable and the sooner it is universally adopted, the better. I've already received a few alerts through your system and it is most comforting to know someone out there is keeping an eye out for us. Thank you! "

" I think its a great thing, i know that even if im out of town i know what is happening in my area, i can put arrangements in place to make my home safe etc. "

" We tell the kids so they have pre-warning that there might be a storm. We were involved in the Brisbane November 2008 storms and the kids now are really wary of when it might happen again and we feel this helps them to be prepared and not caugt unaware like that particular Sunday last year. We get home sooner to get cars under cover and bring things inside that are on the deck "

" I think about what actions I would take if I was in serious danger, eg reviewing fire plan. "

" Tune into ABC Radio to track fire nearness "

" Warning of flooding allows us to determine the safest route home, and also gives us time to check our drains, etc. to ensure they are free-flowing. Storm warnings allow us to check how long until the storm is due, and make decisions about whether we can safely get home or take other shelter. "

" A number of times I have left work early after receiving a warning, allowing me to secure my property ad windows before severe weather arrived. Catch public transport earlier, in case services are delayed/cancelled. "

" There had been a event we held at home, I had considered leaving a few things as they were outside and would get around to taking care of them later or more likely a day or two later. I received a storm an hour or so later and as a result promptly put all items that weren't secure away. That evening it was a large storm that swept through with damaging winds that could have easily ended in disaster for me. To date I have received fantastic service, even more so considering it is a free service. "

" I live on a boat and I immediately secure everything that might be damaged or blown away..I then alert all my friends in the affected area.. "

" told my Mum in Townsville about service which helped save her one day from a nasty storm. The skys were clear when she was going to go out but she didn't because she received a SMS. "

" I have also found it very useful for collecting rainwater - we are using tanks only (no town water), so it gives me an opportunity chance to clean gutters to maximize how much we collect in a very heave downpour. "

" I picked the kids up early from school so we dont have to drive in hail. Im a lollypop lady at the local primary school Its good to know if its going to be safe to use the stop sign or leave it inside so strong winds dont rip it from my hand and hit someone. "

" check to see if torch is working, batteries etc gas canisters are ready if power goes off and that radio is working, turn off tv, computers etc "

" We have been able to avoid Hail stone storms on several occasions due to these fantastic warnings. Getting washing off the line when storms are coming is also a fantastic service... no need to re wash them and waste water! "

" Place Hotel Cyclone Plan in action "

" It's helped me protect my property from damage in a number of ways.Prevented hail damage, water damage to the house & kept me out of area's that are having severe weather problems. Please continue as it keeps my family & me safe. "

" Provides me with an alert, which then triggers me to collect this information and other data to formulate a decision. It is an important part of our schools system, given that the outdoors is generally the classroom. "

" During a recent cyclone threat we were able to keep up to date with the latest alerts. We need to make decisions that may effect our business in good time eg closing down computer network, securing premises etc. "

" I am very grateful for your service as it has assisted me to alter my plans when driving alone especially. As we get older, we like to know that we have support systems in place to help make the right travelling decisions. "

" I tell everyone I can about the service - our local council workers have got onto it and have managed to keep their workers clear of some pretty fierce storms. It's the most useful service I can think of that I subscribe to (especially as it sends an SMS). Having a number of vehicles at work, we were able to move at least our colleagues vehicles to nearby undercover shelter to prevernt their damage. Thanks "

" as a member of the rural fire service it is great to be informed about weather warnings. We often get called out in extreme weather situations and it is great to have a prior warning through your service!!! Keep it going!!! Grerat stuff!!! "

" helps a lot when camping, we fish in a small boat out to sea and this service is great "

" We own a boat that is berthed at a marina and when we get the warnings for gale force winds, we know to put extra ropes on our boat for added safety. "

" Following a recent strong wind warning I went home early to find part of the fence blown down - luckily I got home before the dog discovered it otherwise may have lost her. "

" The SMS is great when you're with clients as you can quickly interrupt and co-ordinate staff. Normally staff would not interrupt a meeting, and I won't take phone calls. An SMS or email is quick to glance at an allows you to take immediate steps! "

" Helps me manage my stock and move them to more sheltered pastures. In the event of strong winds and thunderstorms it helps us to plan for our domestic animals as well. "

" I work as a tradie it allows me to pack up before the storms hit It also reminds me to make sure I have no lose items in my yard. I have found this service to be great here in brisbane this summer we had a lot more storms then past years as I am an SES volunteer your sms alerts gives me the heads up about any possiable activations I have found that I get your sms's before or just after I hear it on ABC local radio or if I dont have the radio on your alerts send me to listen out to weather reports on the radio or the Bom web site . I realy think that Governments at all levels should get behind this valuable service I hope you keep this great service going "

" Recent wind storm in the Naracoorte and Lucindale area allowed us to secure items of value and to place cars under protection during the storm. I was also able to notify family members of impending weather conditions and prepared them against property and personal damage. Local emergency services did not receive the warning ansd were caugh unawares! "

" I think the main problem is that Emergency Services fail to advise the general public because they don't see that it is their role to advise the public. There may be a reluctance for fear of litigation or "crying Wolf" too often. I find the EWN service accurate, non intrusive but above all reliable. Emergency Services do not appear to be supporting this service and I think it is that they fear or see it as some form of competition. I believe Government should be actively supporting both financially and publically because it is working and mebers of the public choose to subscribe to it, more importantly even after all the events that have ocurred in Victoria STILL no Emergency service has come up with a better means of notification. Well none EWN!! "

" I am the Captain of the town's auxiliary fire service - early warnings will help me do my job better... "

" With EWN Alert I was able to inform my fellow workers of a hail storm heading our way,hence we put our cars under cover with no damage to them. I think it is a service that will/would benefit every Australian. I feel it is an invaluable community service for schools,transport etc being alerted allowing the community to take precautions. "

" A recent wind storm would have meant my outdoor furniture was in another state had I not been for warned. "

" it is the best thing i have ever done is sign up for this. i have worked out that the email is a warning, when i get it on my mobile it is serious and the time frame is usually in the hr am correct in thinking this to have a time frame is handy, demanding arent i but keep up good work. when we went camping recently the elerts comto our mobile we could prepare our tent and inform others the ones that couldnt be told suffered im afraid "

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