Government Departments

EWN provides several solutions for government departments. In summary they offer the ability for departments to register and manage multiple individuals and locations. In addition they provide the capability for those managers with responsibilities over certain districts or regions to receive all our alerts impacting those locations.

The first service is called the Severe Weather and Incident Manager (SWIM). This access to our system allows registration and management of multiple individuals and locations. From here you can add/edit locations, manage which staff get alerts and how, and monitor alerts received. You can also have EWN manage this entire process for you. Cost is minimal and setting this up takes just minutes over the phone or by email.

We can set it all up for you at no cost today and you get the first month as a free trial without obligation - this way you also get to understand how it all works and the value to your operations, all at no risk.

The All Alerts product is a feed of all EWN warnings direct from our alert managers for any region or regions you choose. Duplicate warnings are not issued so you will not be inundated with text messages. Organisations with management responsible for multiple locations normally utilise this along with the SWIM product.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and arrange an immediate trial.

NOTE: EWN provides 24x7 support for all these services

Summary of EWN Commercial Services and Products